Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tale of the Chair

I am an unemployed, recent graduate with a Masters Degree in Public Health. Like thousands of others, I graduated in a sh*tty economy. Now I have a lot of student debt, an upcoming wedding, and a totally awesome job to find. As any unemployed recent graduate knows, the latter can take a LONG time. 

Mind you, not a long time each day....just a long time, over time. Some days are extraordinarily productive and that's great. You find job postings, write cover letters, go to events, connect with people, leave the hovel of your home. But there are lots of other days that aren't so productive *read: watch television, read books, sit in the dark, occasional crying* 

The other day I was on the phone with my sister (who is gainfully employed and awesome) and it was one of those not-so-productive days. She asked me what I was doing....Some days that's such a hard and embarrassing question to answer but here's how it went (more or less) - 

Me: You know that new orange chair Mike and I got from Ikea? 
Sister: Yeah...
Me: I'm testing it out. 
Sister: Haha
Me: No really, just sitting in my orange chair. Watching T.V. I tried to find a job, but nope, not today. I like this chair. 

My sister joked about me and my chair, obviously amused; but there was something in that conversation and tone that motivated me. Why am I talking to my sister about my orange chair? Why am I and my peers struggling to find work? Why can't I buy those super cute earrings over at anthropologie? Why am I baking so many chocolate cakes? And what can I do about it!!? 

Apparently I can write about it from my comfy orange chair: 

* Yes, I realize I'm lucky that my partner and I can afford to go buy a new orange chair but we'd had it in our budget for a while* 


Terry said...

Anna, what a wonderful idea. I really felt like I caught up with my favorite couple. I have a few suggestions;1) Contact a temp agency. Getting in the back door is always an option. Its easier to get a job when you have one. 2) Go to estate sales and pick up items that you know about, ie: kitchen appliances etc, research how much things go for and then look for items. Remember buy low sell reasonable. I usually try to keystone the cost. (double) Good luck! Love you, Terry