My name is Anna and I am a recent MPH graduate and newly employed public health professional living in the Baltimore, MD. If you want to learn more about my academic/professional career see my profile on LinkedIn.

I love food, cooking, and entertaining - It has been a long time goal of mine to cook Indian food that passes as real Indian cuisine. I'm almost there :)  YELP is one of my favorite tools for sharing reviews and talking about restaurants. Go here to find my reviews.

I also love feminism and I wish more people would willingly call themselves a feminist. I promise I will cover this topic on My Orange Chair.

I have studied as a classical piano performer and have taught lessons to students and adults. If you're in the Baltimore area and looking for a piano teacher,I am trying to expand my studio so please feel free to get in touch *shameless plug*.

Oh yeah, I got married on October 1, 2011 to a pretty fantastic person named Mike. We met on World of Warcraft almost 5 years ago and have a ridiculous and unbelievable love story. It's great.

My Orange Chair: 

I started this blog because, as my sister said, I was hitting the point of total boredom.

I followed the success prescription given to most youth in this country today:

Step 1: Do awesome in high school.
Step 2: Go to a good college and do awesome there too.
Step 3: Get your master's degree in something.
Step 4: Easy ticket to a job ......... urrr.......... wait

Step 4 wasn't so easy to accomplish and it wasn't for lack of trying. Since graduating I wrote what seemed like a bagillion cover letters and multiple versions of my resume too.

ANYWAY -- I wanted to write about what this process (being unemployed) meant for me as a foodie, fashionista, feminist, musician, soon-to-be wife, and public health professional.

Now that I am employed I have every intention of continuing and expanding this conversation!