Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Orange Chair is Moving

My Orange Chair is moving to Wordpress! It's my 2012 gift to myself to try something new and maybe even  become (No promises all know how cheap I am)

It all started about a month ago when I was on the phone at work with our IT support. The guy had to remote onto my computer and I had google chrome which of course featured all of the pages I visit most often; blogger dashboard was one of them. The IT guy didn't say much but I heard a *mumble mumble* 'I don't understand why people use blogger' *mumble mumble*. 

I took the bait and we had a brief conversation about the pros and cons of each. My interest was piqued so I did a bit of playing around with wordpress and lo and behold, I like it better. 

So, if you have My Orange Chair bookmarked please update it to:

And if you're following by email, kindly give your address again over here:

And then go over here and read any posts you missed:

Happy 2012 Everyone!! 


beefmaster said...

Cool! And I do like the look of the new blog on WordPress!