Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

It's day 2 and I already have a love/hate relationship with my commute and new job. I love my job and hate my commute.

This morning I got up super early (please don't yell at me if you have a more heinous commute than me and have been doing it for eons), did my morning routine, and went outside for the Baltimore circulator to take me to Penn Station where I grab my commuter train. My circulator bus is the first one that comes in the morning and this was my first time trying to catch the bus (I went in later yesterday so my husband was kind enough to drive me). The sign that tells you how long your wait will be said 25/50 min. Well that wasn't going to work for me- I had to be AT the train station in 25 minutes, not on my way there.

The walk to the station is about 20/25 minutes and I started it, calling my husband in a huff. OMG, I said, this is gonna SUCK - I did not want my commute to be that much longer even if the walk is better for me. But then, like an angel's song, I heard the vroom of my bus just as I approached the next bus stop. Perfect timing! So I hopped on and was at the station in time to buy coffee before my train. This morning I caught up on Breaking Bad episode 12 and got halfway through 13. I think my fellow commuters thought I was weird when I would laugh out loud or gasp when something crazy happened. Whatever.

Apparently the mornings are easier - I have my coffee, I'm freshly showered, and ready to dive into some good dramas (tomorrow it will be Heroes Season 2). But my sister was right, winter evenings suck! I didn't even get home that late last night and I was sooooo over it. Having a commute that is over an hour can just drain you. I did not feel motivated to exercise, cook, or be a fun person - this is clearly going to be hard work.

But this morning, when I got to my job, and had fun work to do - a day full of meetings and tasks, I felt relieved. This is what I've been waiting for! Things to keep me busy (and I don't mean cover letters!!). I don't think I will ever fall in love with my commute but like my sister told me, it just becomes a thing you do.


Michelle P said...

I don't know what I'd do if my commute was that long! I would love to not have a car though.