Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I've Been

I'm usually wary of Facebook add-ons that you have to give access to all of your profile information. They feel like extra clutter to me in an already very busy cyber-connection grid.

However, a friend of mine recently used one called "Where I've Been" and it said that he had traveled 5% of the world. I think statistics like this are fascinating and I was curious about my percentage.  The application got some very strange data about where I had lived, been, and wanted to go (30% of which was not accurate).You are able to change your information on an interactive map so I went in and corrected it.

Here's my map - I left out where I want to go because that's basically everywhere.
*that's 4% of the world I have been to*

The feature I particularly enjoy about Where I've Been is the Travel Bucks. Now this may seem really silly - but it's what I consider a very cool way to include philanthropy in a facebook app. By interacting with Where I've Been you earn travel bucks that you can use to: 

* Save a square foot of rainforest
* Feed a child in mali 
* Adopt a manatee 

and a lot more. 

Not only do you get to create a virtual passport with which you can flex your traveling skills, but you can do some good while you're at it!