Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Unemployment Report

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.

Mike and I have a friend who has just moved into a new home. He told us that he's been watching a lot of HGTV recently to learn all about home improvement. I've been a Food Network junkie for a pretty long time but I decided to see what this home-improvement hoopla was all about - and now I'm hooked. This past three-day weekend was like a do-it-yourself (or do it with really awesomely trained professionals) marathon.

Anyway, Mike and I were doing errands and talking about professions - what we thought we would do when we were younger, what paths we wish we'd taken. I said, "Hey, maybe I could go intern with a contractor and learn how to build stuff and make houses". Mike replied, "You know there's not much of a market for that kind of labor right now".

My terribly witty response: That's true. Right now the demand is really highest for public health professionals.

Don't I wish.

With that delightful anecdote, I bring you a discussion on the September, 2011 U.S. Employment Outlook from Simply Hired so we can so who is right, Mike or me.

The U.S. Employment Outlook is a monthly analysis and forecast of employment trends in the United States. These findings are based on monthly job seeker activity on, which aggregates millions of listings from over 30,000 employment sites, and data obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are some interesting tidbits:

August was the second consecutive month of positive hiring. That's good - but the unemployment rate in August was 9.1% according to LBS. 

Hmmm? Maybe I should pick up a hammer and nails. Ok, probably not but outlook is not so positive in non-profit land and I'm a little restless. 

How is your profession/field doing? Do you feel optimistic? Have you thought at all about changing professions? 


Michelle Parker said...

My field is doing good. There aren't wide fluctuations in my field unless it's around Christmas time, when everyone decides to gift or sell their stock. I feel pretty optimistic about my career choice.

beefmaster said...

Oh god if my occupation falls under the category of "journalists and media workers" then I'm ecstatic that I was hired last year (and not this one) considering the -56.3% Y-o-Y decrease!