Thursday, September 8, 2011

Infographic Resume

On the interwebs there are myriad suggestions for improving your resume and staying current. I even wrote about it over here. But I remember a few years ago at work I was talking to a friend and colleague who had come across someone's resume that was in the form of a map. This person had worked all over the world and had a "pin" in each location with a blurb about what he did there and for how long. Obviously that's not your standard design.

I think doing a unique/out of the box resume is a big risk - you never know who is on the receiving end. Maybe it's a very old-school executive who finds your creative style unprofessional or maybe even offensive. But in the right circumstances, I think the risk can pay off.

I recently joined Brazen Careerist which is yet another networking site (similar to LinkedIn) but BC promotes the idea of a social resume and is a very fun site to play with. They recently launched an app (it's free!) that connects your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account to create an infographic resume for you. I love how it made my look at resume in a new light - it really pulls out the important bits and doesn't bog you down with boring language. Go make yours!!

Something else I like about BC is that they give you badges based on your accomplishments. Here are mine:

While trying to do a bit of research for this post, I came across people who had turned their facebook page into a resume, had used prezi to create an interactive resume, and who made their resume look a LIFE game board.

I think your profession really determines whether or not infographic or unique resume structures are appropriate but one day, I'd like to send off an infographic and see if it would get any positive responses.