Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking Steps

I spent today really embracing the lessons learned from last night's informational interview.

Here were some steps I took:

- Followed local organizations I love on LinkedIn and try to find people who worked there who are 2nd or even 3rd degree connections. Coming up: I will try to use my connections to get in touch with these people and set up even more informational interviews.

- Filled out a volunteer application for organization nearby that I really like. They contacted me almost immediately and I'll be following up in a meeting next week. This is a great opportunity for me to keep busy, give back to the community, and hopefully make some new connections.

-Wrote a cover letter in 30 minutes; the goal was 20 but I couldn't stop myself. I spent more time agonizing over the writing sample and my resume to be truthful.

Yay Motivation!!